May 6, 2020

Kuriyama Announces New Grease Bandit Hose

Grease Bandit hose

There's a new hose in town, the Grease Bandit, by Kuriyama of America, specifically designed for use with grease traps.

Historically, traditional septic hoses have been substituted for use in grease trap applications. However, over time they can become susceptible to premature failure as a result of drying out and cracking due to repeated grease exposure. The Grease Bandit hose has a proprietary polymer liner, specially designed to handle repeated exposure to grease without damage.

Additionally, it has a highly durable, high density polyethylene outer cover, designed to handle the demands of being repeatedly dragged over rough surfaces, such as parking lots. It’s also crush resistant, meaning it will spring back to shape after being crushed without kinking.

However, for being such a tough character, the Grease Bandit is surprisingly easy to work with. It has a corrugated cover, with an easy slide helix for maneuverability, and is extremely light weight, with a thirty-foot hose long weighing a mere ten pounds.

So, if your job involves wrangling lots of grease, make sure the Grease Bandit is on your team.

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