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Kuriyama of America, Inc Kuriyama of America, Inc Kuriyama of America, Inc.

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Kuriyama (Shanghai) Corporation

Kuriyama Shanghai

Established in 1996. Sales, Importing and Exporting Industrial Materials, Construction Materials and North-American made hoses

Industrial Supplies

We deliver a wide variety of materials including rubber, plastic and metal parts to be built in by mass production machineries such as construction machinery, agricultural equipment and off-road vehicles, and supplies of power and chemical plants.

Construction Supplies

We provides “high-quality floor tiles” (SUPER MATERIALS), “Human-friendly special paving tiles” for people who are visually impaired, "Earth-friendly tiles" (ECO TILE), and “construction materials” for railroads, bridges infrastructure and civil engineering.

Hose Products

We provide high quality thermoplastic hoses produced by our group manufacturers in North-America.

For more information, visit: www.shanghaikuriyama.com